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Energy Solutions TMI Group

TMI Energy Solutions is a distributor of Control Techniques drive technologies and SICK sensor technologies that allow for remote control, automation and monitoring of your operations. This results in improved energy efficiency, increased performance and notable cost savings in all our operations with tailor-made solutions developed for your region and industry.

Energy Audits

TMI can help you understand your energy usage and unlock areas of improvement.

Custom Solutions

We apply our expertise and knowledge to develop tailored solutions for your operation or project.

Sustainability Audits

Want to understand your environmental impact? TMI can help you understand your green impact.

Project Management

We can lend our expertise to your project and help ensure it is executed smoothly.

Energy Monitoring

TMI can help you monitor your energy consumption to ensure it remains within targets.

Research and Planning

Rely on our experts to research and plan the best energy solutions for your next project.

About TMI Energy Solutions

21+ years of experience bringing you cutting edge drive technology and pressure sensors for sustainable energy solutions for your business.

Our drive technology includes some of the leading industrial and domestic motor control and automation applications on the market. Our SICK products include a portfolio of easy to install and operate liquid and gas pressure measures configured to your specific individual needs.

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